At Hope we have a small staff team of three permanent full time staff members and one term time staff member:

General Manager

Hello, my name is Caroline Bates.

Contact me for:

·         General Enquiries

·         External Contact

·         Advertising, marketing, promotions and sponsorship

·         NUS Extra queries

·         Support for Elected Officers

My role is a full time position and my remit is to manage the operational side of the Union and to ensure it continues to develop in all aspects.  This includes supporting, training and advising the Elected Officers, developing organisational policy and procedures, advising the Trustee Board and being the senior staff member. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch – I’m always happy to talk.  

Tel: 0151 291 3871

Email -


Advice and Student Voice Coordinator

Hiya, my name is Richard Hughes

Contact me for:

·         Advice, advocacy and representation in appeals, disciplinary matters, etc.

·         Support in your role as Course Representative

The Advice Service provides free, independent, confidential and impartial advice to students on their rights and responsibilities. The service specialises in legal advice and support in the following areas: Academic / University related, Disability / Mental Health, Employment Law, Housing, Money / Debt, and Welfare Rights.

I also work closely with the Sabbatical Officers to ensure that the multiplicity of ways in which the University listens to the voice of its students are working effectively and that SU policy is properly considered.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch:  

Tel: 0151 291 3708

Email -


Activities and Engagement Coordinator

Hello my name is Steven Cox.  Contact me for the following

  • Support  and guidance to student groups
  • Administration of clubs and societies.
  • Student volunteering
  • Support for student officers campaigns.

E mail –

Tel: 0151 291 3707


Sports Administrator

Hello my name is Will Ward.  Contact me for the following

  • Support and guidance to sports team
  • BUCS league & fixtures.
  • Training times etc

E mail –

Tel: 0151 291 2064



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