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#SU34: Hope SU's Story (so far...)


NUS is championing Students' Unions and their impact this year and the achievements that have been made in the 20 years since the Education Act 1994 was passed by Parliament.


We decided to take this opportunity to look back over Hope's last 20 years, speaking to ex-officers and finding out what they got up to during their time in office, as well as seeing what they are up to now. 


Many thanks to the Vice-Chair of our Trustee Board, Dr. Sanjee Perera-Child, for all the hard work she has undertaken to bring this project to you.


Entries will be added daily, in the run up to NUS National Conference 2015, but will remain here on our website afterwards so that we can all share in Hope SU's story. Some entries for previous sabbatical officers who we've not been able to track down yet will hopefully be added retrospectively.




Hannah Baker, President (2014/15).



Liverpool Hope Students’ Union has a rich and colourful history deeply rooted within its foundational institutions.   I have always considered the sabbatical team appointed each year, their strengths, views, values, their trials and tribulations, a lasting signature of those who walked our proud institution’s hallways and voted them in.  Their experiences are a caricature of the life of the membership and the wider university community that year.


In the rich kaleidoscopic visions and ideals of youth, that would like to solve world hunger by Thursday, it would be all too easy to disregard this past, these lessons learned in time, that the buzzing ‘here and now’ seems to be disconnected from.  As VC of the trustee board too, I find myself more focussed on structural & financial stability and viability of the organisation, than giving the learning curves that the formative tides of time marked, much attention.  I must commend the current president Hannah Baker’s foresight in recognising and launching this NUS project; and for reaching out to this rich bed of knowledge and experience.


In celebrating these signatures for posterity, we are not marking a single or even a group of individuals’ experiences.  It is not even just uniquely Liverpool Hope Students Union’s story. It is the story of its time; a record of the spirit of rebellious youth attempting to tear out the malignancies of society as each shiny new young generation that had just come of age, saw it.  It is the voice of justice, generosity and compassion that is louder and richer, when we are young, calling out for a right to education, a right to freedom and a fullness of life, that we all crave before the tarnish of time and 'realism' robs us of these ideals.


If some of these views offend you,  forgive us.  We wished to allow each individual submission the integrity of expressing their views; claim their achievements, voice their joys, commiserate their failures, frustrations, fears, and sometimes even fury.  Needless to say these colourful spectrum of views come from a variety of political and personal beliefs, while we celebrate each and every one of them, they may not always represent the current organisations views.  We are proud to boast of, in our numbers former sabbs who have even taken their political ideals to parliament in a number of traditions and parties.  This diversity of opinion and approach is our strength and our gift to posterity.  


Thank you again to all those who have contributed thus far; those of you who missed the deadline, please feel to send in your contributions in retrospect.

Here is our story thus far...

Dr. Sanjee Perera-Child



Below: Hope campus as it was in 1932, and two from 1934.



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