Did you know that every student at Uni gets to fill out a survey all about their whole experience before they leave Uni?
Ever wondered why this is done, or what happens with the data, or why we are telling you about it?


The National Student Survey (NSS) is a national survey, which has been conducted by Ipsos MORI annually since 2005. It gathers opinions from mostly final year undergraduates on the quailty of their courses. Aimed at current students, the survey asks undergraduates to provide honest feedback on what it been like to study on their course. 

Why do we have the NSS?

There are many benefits to having the NSS; it can help prospective students figure out where they want to study, it gives students an opportunity to tell the Uni what they think, it tells Universities where they are doing well and where they need to change things.
As a Students' Union we use this data to help us figure out what we should be fighting for, we use it to help train and inform Course Reps and it is a really great resource in terms of helping us make sure you all get the most out of your education.


What happens with the data?

A big old company called Ipsos MORI collect and analyise all the responses. Over 265,000 students fill out this national survey so it takes a lot of work to organise the data. Once the data is organised it gets released to Universities and Students' Unions and then they do their own analysis trying to identify high points, low points and worrying points.
At the Students' Union we always aim to work in partnership with the University and after a couple of meetings the University have shared all their analysis on this years data with us here at the Students' Union. This has been a massive help and also shows that the University are keen to work in partnership with us to make your education the best it can be.
Once we get hold of the info from the University we study this data to show us where we need to be concentrating our efforts, we also try and turn this data into a student friendly version, as trust us…. reading the raw data is not much fun!


Why are we telling you this?

A couple of reasons really. We hope that by telling you about this you will all fill out the NSS when you are in your final year. Without you  really telling the University what you think issues will never be resolved and the high regard a degree from Liverpool Hope is held in might start to be under threat.
Also, we think that you guys might actually be interested in the data; what are the strengths on your course, what are the weaknesses? Do you agree with what last years students have said? Do you want us as your Students' Union to do more to try and improve these areas for you? Maybe you are a Course Rep (or your thinking about being one) and you want to find out the figures on a certain issue to take to a meeting? 


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